Strawberry Shortcake's Bff

Hello ladies! We have been working really hard and managed to bring you another really exciting dress sup game. This one is a little bit more special because in it you are going to have the opportunity to meet Strawberry Shortcakes's bff, Jessie. Jessie is planning on going to picnic with her best friend, and therefore she wants to look as adorable and cute as possible because she rarely has the chance to do fun activities like this. What your assignment in this exciting dress up game will be is to help this gorgeous little young lady called Jessie decide upon hat she is going to be wearing at the picnic. We have prepared some really exciting outfits for you to choose from, so I'm sure that you are not going to encounter any difficulty in managing to cerate the best outfit for her to wear. Have a really great time playing this exciting dress up game called Strawberry Shortcake's Bff!