Strawberry Parfait

Today, at Sara's cooking class you will learn how to make Strawberry parfait, a dessert that is perfect whenever you feel like eating something fresh and sweet or you have unexpected guests coming over for a movie. Returning to Sara's cooking class, I think it's hightime we started learning how to make delicious Strawberry Parfait. Remember that you must complete each step in the time indicated or else you have to start all over again and you gain points for each ask that you complete correctly. The first thing that you need to do is to slice the strawberries and then make the syrup. Afterward, you must make sure that you add the fruit mixture, using some hot and cold water, gelatin and add them according to Sara's indications. You then whip the cream, make the topping for the parfait and ultimately garnish the dessert in order to look beautifully and yummy. Bon appetit at Strawberry Parfait at Sara's cooking class!