Masha And The Bear Summer Fun

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Masha and her best friend, the bear, are the cutest characters these days. Masha is always up to no good and she tries to make the bear cut the loose also. In this brand new Cutezee game Masha&The Bear Summer Fun, the cute girl and her friends are prepping up for a great fun this summer. Masha wants to bring the fun around, even though the bear is not so excited about it. In order to relax a bit, Masha invites all her friends to play a bit and she wants to start with hide&seek. Poor bear, now he needs to find Masha around the garden and she can be very sneaky. Help the bear find Masha faster and then try out another fun game! Masha heard that paintball is the latest fun catcher so she invited everyone to join in. The bear needs to find not only Masha, but also the pig, the wolf, the cute rabbit and the lovely squirrel. Make sure you help him catch them all as fast as possible! Then, the garden needs a bit of summer decoration with colorful balloons, lighting around the trees and some fresh summer drinks. Enjoy the fun and play Masha&The Bear Summer Fun!

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