Corsican Style Soup

Today you will be joining me in my outdoor kitchen for another exciting cooking lesson, brought to you straight from Corsica. I learned how to prepare this delicious recipe on one of my trips to that beautiful country, and from that moment on, I continued to prepare it every time my friends would come over to my place for a nice and quiet evening. So I have decided that I will share it also with you. If you agree, we will get started on the preparation of the fun recipe. The first thing you will have to do in this fun cooking game called Corsican Style Soup is make sure that you do have all the necessary ingredients in your kitchen. Once you have done this, the rest will be a piece of cake because all you will have left to do in order to prepare the Corsican Style Soup is make sure that you follow all the preparations steps that I will be showing you. Enjoy playing this exciting cooking game called Corsican Style Soup!